Mines et vie (Mines and life) is a 75 minute educational activity designed by Boite à science in collaboration with CSMO Mines, Institut national des mines du Québec (INMQ), and secondary school science teachers.

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Zoom Minier scientific reporters is a challenge aimed at Québec high school students. Students are invited to create a short film dealing with one of the five proposed themes related to minerals and everyday life. Participants will have a chance at winning cash prizes, gifts, and a weekend of activities with transportation and lodging included. Over $3,000 will be handed out to the winning teams at the awards ceremony.

Zoom Minier scientific reporters is a collaborative effort between CSMO Mines and Institut national des mines du Québec now in its fourth year. More than 100 students from across the province have participated in this challenge!

Visit the www.zoomminier.com microsite for more information.

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The Jobboom Guide 50 carrières de l’industrie minière (50 careers in the mining industry) is designed for students, job seekers, and anyone interested in learning more about a flourishing industry.

The guide features profiles of 50 occupations practised in open pit and underground mines and that involve one of these four mining cycle phases:

  1. Exploration and feasibility
  2. Development and construction
  3. Mining operations
  4. Mine closing and restoration

The occupations presented, aimed at both men and women, play a key role in the mining industry and reflect current labour demands. The profiles draw from interviews with workers in Québec’s mines and explore the varied educational and vocational paths they took to get to their current positions. The workers interviewed offer advice and tips about finding a job and describe what they most enjoy about their work. They also discuss the skills required to become good at their jobs.

The Jobboom guide to 50 careers in the mining industry (in French) also comprises four sections that depict the mining industry in the age of new technologies and environmental concerns.

1. Québec’s mining industry, solid as a rock:

Québec's mining industry is rock-solid; it has a foundation—rich subsoil, considerable investments, and rising metal prices. The result is a boom in mineral exploration and the expansion of existing mines.

2. The industry’s workforce needs, a goldmine for job seekers:

First-rate careers await young people drawn to mining. A prosperous and booming industry, the mining sector is on the lookout for workers. Companies are snatching up graduates and offering them golden opportunities

3. Industry myths and realities, high-tech and eco-friendly:

You’ve got it wrong if you think the mining industry is a big polluter and that miners still work with picks and shovels in dangerous conditions. More innovative than ever, mining companies are at the cutting edge of technology and comply with strict safety standards. Plus, they are committed to sustainable development.

4. Life in mining country: a larger-than-life experience:

When you think of mines, the word “remote” often comes to mind. True, they are a ways off, but that doesn’t mean life is sad and grey! In addition to the beauty of large open spaces, these regions also offer cultural activities, new infrastructure, and welcoming communities.

The Jobboom guide to 50 careers in the mining industry (in French) is available for education professionals and job counsellors who would like copies as reference tools for their clients. To order copies, please contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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CSMO Mines offers promotional tools to educational professionals that provide information on key mining industry occupations. We have eight 11" x 17" posters featuring occupations such as heavy machinery operator, industrial mechanic, mining engineer, and geologist. We can also provide smaller size materials. The occupation profile series is also available in a 5"x7" postcard format. In addition, the cards provide brief descriptions of the educational paths workers took to qualify for their professions.

To order copies, please contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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