List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Open pit miner

Drillers and blasters select and measure drill hole locations. They perform various drilling operations in open-pit mines and quarries based on the engineer's plans. They operate various types of machines such as manual, pneumatic and hydraulic drills. They connect electrical wires, fuses or detonating cords into series and connect series to blasting machines. They conduct field tests to determine the type and quantity of explosives required. They load explosives into blast holes and detonate charges to dislodge rock. They inspect blast zones and carry out maintenance and minor repairs on the drills they use. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work is performed in all kinds of weather, sometimes harsh.
  • The work requires constant attention while handling tools and hazardous materials (explosives).
  • The working environment may be dusty, noisy or hard to access.