List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Core library technician, Core shack clerk, etc.

Core shack labourers assist the geology team in their everyday tasks. They code, sort and store core samples in a precise order and sequence. Core samples are cylindrical in shape and of great value because of the expense of removing them from the ground during drilling operations. Core shack labourers may also work in the field to help prepare drilling sites. They are responsible for sectioning or splitting core samples so that geology technicians can analyze their appearance and determine which samples will be analyzed in the laboratory to detect the presence of minerals. Once the samples have been analyzed, the core shack labourers close the sample boxes and transport them to the storage section. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in a hostile environment (darkness, dampness, cold, heat, dust, noise or vibrations).
  • Some activities require the frequent lifting of heavy loads.