List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Computer network technician, Programmer analyst, etc.

Computer technicians are responsible for all of a company's computer assets. There are three main specializations for computer technicians in the mining sector. Technicians who specialize in computer support provide front-line computer and technical support for users at all a mining company's facilities. They configure new workstations, troubleshoot and maintain computers, photocopiers and peripheral devices, and install and update software. Technicians who specialize in network management ensure the proper operation of the company's network infrastructures and servers, and ensure maintenance, data backup, and data security. They keep an inventory of computer equipment. Last, programmer-analysts develop and optimize Web-based applications and program the management and production software developed for the mine. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work schedule is often irregular.
  • The work is generally performed in an office environment and requires an ability to concentrate and work methodically.