List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Construction technician

Civil engineering technicians perform their tasks for engineering firms working, as subcontractors, on mining sites that are operating or under construction. They provide support and technical services for scientists, engineers and other professionals during the design and supervision of work to assist the company in its construction, expansion and optimization projects. They perform 3D design tasks and complete plans for steel and concrete structures using CAD tools. They prepare construction specifications, cost estimates, and estimates of the materials required, establish work schedules and draft reports. On-site, they may supervise or direct surveys, inspections or technical studies in connection with topography, soils, road infrastructures, buildings and structures, in order to gather data for engineering projects.  

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in an office environment or on-site.
  • The work may be performed in difficult physical or environmental conditions (dust, noise, heat or cold).