List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Chemical process engineer, Process control engineer, etc.

Chemical engineers research, design and perfect materials and processes for chemical transformation, and supervise the production process. They research chemical reactions and chemicals to design and improve processes, in order to optimize production in terms of the quantity and quality of the ore processed. They assess materials and techniques for chemical transformation and determine production specifications. They design and test facilities and materials for chemical processing and other related processes. They design and direct quality control programs, operating procedures and control strategies to ensure uniform production and compliance with the standards on raw materials, products, waste and emissions. The management of measuring instruments and analysis methods in order to avoid non-standard results is a major challenge. 

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in an office environment or on-site.
  • Some activities may involve the handling of hazardous products.
  • The work may be performed in difficult physical or environmental conditions (dust, noise, heat or cold).