List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Electromechanical systems engineer, Instrumentation and control engineer, Electronics engineer, etc.

Automation engineers plan, draw up, implement and apply projects for the design, fabrication and modernization of various types of industrial production systems to automate them in whole or in part. They supervise, coordinate and manage various operations connected with automated production. They diagnose and resolve problems and optimize production systems to increase production at the plant. In a plant with little or no automation, they find innovative and productive solutions using cutting-edge technological software to adapt existing production systems or install new systems that are partly or wholly automated. They have a strong interest in emerging technologies and are able to propose technology transfers to change operating methods and improve the efficiency of the company's production. They may manage processes to implement automation projects with external suppliers.

Specific job conditions

  • The work may be performed in an office environment or on-site.
  • The work may involve frequent changes of priority requiring an excellent ability to adapt and manage stress.