This section is intended for students seeking an internship in a mining company, whether or not it’s an academic requirement. We explain below how to proceed and offer helpful tips.

Looking for an internship is like any other job search. You need to be proactive to land one. Begin your search several months before the date you want to start your internship. It’s possible you will find an internship within a few weeks of initiating your search, but if not, you will be glad you planned on it taking longer.

Finding internship offers

You will find internship postings with the same search engine used for job postings, in the Finding a job section of our website. For a quick search of available internships, select “Internships” as the search criterion from the “Occupation category” list within the “Advanced search” box.

Usually summer internships appear by late January and winter internships by early fall.

Some companies regularly accept or are willing to accept interns year round but they don’t post these opportunities like they do regular job offers. That’s why you should canvass companies by sending them your application file and getting in touch directly. A phone call is a good way to make this type of request. Look in the Finding a company section for contact information for mining companies, contractors, suppliers, as well as companies specializing in drilling or exploration operations. Don’t hesitate to contact the human resources or intern recruitment manager!

Generally large mining companies have Web portals on which applicants can fill out a job or internship application. It’s also a good idea to sign up for job alerts, if available.

See the table below to find out which kinds of businesses accept interns in your area of training. It will help direct your searches to relevant companies listed in our business directory.

Are the internships displayed always remunerated?

Payment policies governing internships are specific to each company and each type of internship. Usually longer-term internships are remunerated. On the other hand, you will not necessarily be paid for a short-term internship. Although paid internships may be attractive from a financial standpoint, non-paid short-term internships also present a valuable opportunity for prospective graduates. A company that is satisfied with an intern’s work may offer her/him a permanent job, or a summer job for applicants who have not yet completed their academic studies. Even when a company has no jobs to offer its interns, the internship makes for a valuable and attractive addition to one’s CV.

Do mining companies always offer accommodations to interns?

In some cases mining companies offer interns meals and lodging during the internship. This is mainly the case for companies having the necessary facilities to do so in the mine’s vicinity due to the fact they are located in remote areas and use fly-in/fly-out. This is true for the vast majority of mines located in Nord-du-Québec and some mines in the Côte-Nord region. However, mining sites in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, which are close to towns, do not offer this type of work rotation. Their workers live close to the mines and travel daily to work their shifts. In this situation, mining companies are not responsible for their interns’ accommodations and will not pay any associated costs. Be aware that internships offered in this region require more planning if you don’t live nearby.