Want to enhance your chances of landing a job in the mining industry? In this section we’ve gathered some very helpful articles and guides. We’ve also identified various websites and specialized resources to help you perform well in an interview and land the job. Here are the topics covered:

  • The selection process
  • The hiring interview

The selection process

The selection process differs from one company to another. Each recruiter, and sometimes each position to be filled, entails a different process. That’s why you should be well prepared and read up in advance. In this section, CSMO Mines features tools, documents, and resources to better inform and prepare you.

There are also specialized employment assistance organizations offering a wide range of services to tap into. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these resources. They are at your disposal to help you succeed.

  • The Centre local d’emploi local employment centre in your area
  • The Carrefour jeunesse-emploi youth employment resource in your area.
  • The Club de recherche d’emploi job-finding club in your area
  • Specialized employment organizations

The hiring interview

Be sure to read up on the different topics related to the hiring interview. They will help prepare you to land the job you want. How to handle trick questions or follow up after an interview? These are just some of the key issues to consider. Below are various tools, such as articles and feature topics from specialized websites, that can be useful when you get to the hiring interview stage.

  • La base de l’entrevue d’embauche, Jobboom.com
  • The Jobboom Survival Guide La base de l’entrevue d’embauche, Jobboom.com
  • Taktik Recruiting Agency website
  • Selekktus Agency website
  • Drakkar Agency website

Every company differs in its employee selection process. Try and get as much information as possible beforehand about the type of hiring interview you will need to go through. For example, you may have to undergo a physical or psychometric test, a pre-interview by phone, or participate in a group interview. To make a good impression, no matter the job interview, it’s best to prepare for any contingency.