Québec's mining industry is internationally recognized for its expertise and innovative practices. From ore extraction to mining site restoration, the industry is in the forefront of technology. It is a major economic plus for Québec and offers quality, high-paying jobs.

The mining industry is currently going through some highs and lows due, in large part, to the decline in value of certain metals. However, this downward cycle does not affect all players in the mining industry. Especially those mining projects on the verge of starting operations.

However, the fact remains that Québec’s mining companies face major hurdles, including the following:

Industry consolidation

Now more than ever, corporate giants dominate the mining industry. Hardly a month goes by without news of a merger or acquisition. Albeit disturbing, this trend is seemingly irreversible.

An aging workforce

Nearly 30% of the mining industry's workforce is expected to retire in the next five years. With this significant labour deficit comes the challenge of quickly integrating a large number of new workers into the mining industry work environment.

The industry’s image

The industry’s image is often coloured by obsolete stereotypes. Yet in the past decade the industry has made enormous technological strides and the very nature of its work has changed dramatically. The industry requires a sustained and aggressive promotional campaign to publicize its new reality.

Workforce job training

The mining industry also faces significant difficulties in recruiting skilled labour. Given expected shifts in the workforce, there must be a redoubling of efforts to hire new labour. This will inevitably involve creating mechanisms to transfer knowledge.