Workforce skills recognition service (RCMO)

According to the Mineur/mineuse sous terre (underground miner) standard, CSMO Mines is responsible for managing the workforce skills recognition process (RCMO) for workers and experienced workers employed as underground miners.

The skills recognition service certifies that a worker has mastered one or more of the five core skills designated by the standard. CSMO Mines ensures the fair and equitable assessment of all workers who apply for recognition. See this document for a detailed description of each Mineur/mineuse sous terre (underground miner) occupational standard skill.

  • Detailed skill descriptions

The assessment is free of charge and leads to the granting of a certificate of vocational qualification issued by Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale once all skills designated by the standard are recognized. In cases where only some skills are recognized, the ministry may grant an attestation of competency to recognize those skills mastered.

Applicants seeking to have their skills recognized must complete the application form by clicking on the Submit an application tab. Contact us for more information.

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Basic guidelines

CSMO subscribes to the following guidelines for those seeking recognition of their workplace skills:

  • You can obtain official recognition of your skills, as set out in an occupational standard, as soon as you demonstrate or provide evidence of these skills.
  • You are not obliged to relearn in a formal educational setting what you have already mastered in a different setting through other means.
  • You should not be required to re-acquire an endorsement of skills that have already been rigorously assessed and certified by an official system.
  • Any skill recognition system should aspire to be transparent.
  • The assessment process for recognizing skills must be rigorous, reliable, and adapted to the experiential nature of an individual’s previous training.

Assessment tools

We are in the process of setting up a front-line recognition system by producing written evidence attesting to an applicant’s skills. In cases where recognition by written evidence is impossible or inconclusive, practical assessments can be performed.

During practical assessments a number of documents put together by CSMO Mines are used by both applicants and examiners. Both the examiner guides and the applicant handbooks are available for review.

Skill 1 – Be able to chip off unstable rock

  • Applicant workbook
  • Examiner guide

Skill 2 – Be able to install a support system

  • Applicant workbook
  • Examiner guide

Skill 3 – Be able to drill rock

  • Applicant workbook
  • Examiner guide

Skill 4 – Be able to perform work related to rock blasting

  • Applicant workbook
  • Examiner guide

Skill 5 – Be able to clear and transport blasted rock

  • Applicant workbook
  • Examiner guide

Skill 6 (supplementary) – Be able to operate specialized drilling equipment

  • Applicant workbook
  • Examiner guide

Miner Skills Quiz

Are you an ideal candidate for having your skills recognized? Take the Miner Skills Quiz and find out! This quiz will test your knowledge of the six underground mining skills as defined by the Mineur/mineuse sous terre (underground miner) occupational standard. This quiz is obviously for reference purposes only since it tests just a few theoretical concepts. The certification process itself is based largely on practical knowledge. Visit!

Companies can also use this quiz to inform employees about the process for having skills recognized by ministerial certification. CSMO Mines has two self-service kiosks available for companies to install so that employees can test their skills right in the workplace. Interested companies should contact:

Nathalie Beaulieu
Training Coordinator
418-653-9254, ext. 222
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.