Workplace Apprenticeship Program (PAMT)

The Workplace Apprenticeship Program (PAMT), in conjunction with the Mineur/mineuse sous terre (Underground miner) occupational standard, provides new workers with training in a real-life environment. Skills acquired through this program satisfy the occupational standard in the competency registry (Registre des compétences) maintained by Emploi-Québec.

Through this type of program, apprentices learn to master skills by pairing with competent journeypersons. It’s a simple way to transmit knowledge that reflects the day-to-day realities of that particular profession. PAMT’s role in the Québec mining industry is indisputable. In the near future the industry will face issues related to the intergenerational transfer of knowledge. Its ability to tackle those issues will be key to ensuring there are enough qualified people coming up through the ranks.

PAMT is based on a structured approach to training. The training tools are designed to reflect the logical progression of the apprenticeship and the skills needed to practice the trade. These skill requirements are updated in cooperation with industry players using proven analysis methods.

What’s in it for apprentice miners?

  • Acquire high quality on-the job training
  • Enhance their skills
  • Obtain official recognition of their skills, i.e., the certificate of vocational qualification
  • Promote their profession
  • Promote career advancement through the optimization of learning outcomes

What’s in it for employers?

  • Ensure the professionalism and qualifications of employees
  • Reduce the incidence of accidents, breakdowns, and mistakes
  • Improve safety at work
  • Train a new generation of qualified workers
  • Retain personnel
  • Emphasize recognition of the profession
  • Become eligible for on-the-job training tax credits that partially cover salaries of miner apprentices and journeypersons

How does PAMT work?

CSMO Mines has put together a booklet based on the five core skills and one supplementary skill to be used in the training of apprentices. Journeypersons are identified to support apprentices in their professional development. Journeypersons corroborate and certify by signature that apprentices have mastered each skill. Once the process is concluded apprentices are eligible for government certification. Not only does PAMT easily mesh with existing training programs, it also permits companies to qualify for attractive tax credits for each apprentice covered by an applicable agreement.

See this document for a detailed description of each Mineur/mineuse sous terre (underground miner) occupational standard skill.

  • Detailed skill descriptions

Helping companies implement PAMT

CSMO Mines’ mission is to provide information and support for companies wishing to implement PAMT with regard to the Mineur/mineuse sous terre (underground miner) standard for training graduates entering the job market. We also keep companies informed about the different PAMT steps (administrative, financial, and logistic) and available financial support. Upon request, CSMO Mines can assist mining companies in implementing PAMT.

Our services

  • HR coaching – Training supervisors/superintendents
  • Mentor (journeyperson) training
  • Liaison between HR and Emploi-Québec for an agreement/approach
  • Accounting advisory services for obtaining tax credits

Interactive virtual training for journeypersons in the mining workplace

CSMO Mines, in partnership with Cégep de Sainte-Foy, created an interactive virtual training program on the journeyperson/apprentice relationship in the mining workplace (Compagnonnage en milieu de travail minier). The program covers the skills associated with the Compagnon (journeyperson) standard for workplace apprenticeships formulated by Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT).

This training is available to any interested organization. Companies interested in providing training to workers or supervisors should read the information sheet on interactive virtual training for journeypersons in the workplace (Formation interactive pour les compagnons en milieu de travail minier) in the Concentrateur d’expertise section.