Concentrateur d’expertise is a skills development platform where mining industry managers can get information on CSMO Mines’ specialized training services, as well as benefits that derive from upgrading employee skills.

To learn more about upcoming sessions of the five specialized training courses, see the information pamphlet or contact Guy Auger.

This platform lists the currently available training courses, as well as those in the pipeline. In addition, you can consult the information sheets for each training course and even register a group of workers online. A calendar helps you quickly identify training sessions that best match your needs. With a view to enhancing the training experience and worker expertise, additional training materials will be made available on the platform to participants after they complete the training.

This program of specialized courses was created to allow mining industry companies to act in concert and provide professional development training tools to their workers. The training courses were designed with the industry’s needs in mind, and sessions are scheduled to be as convenient as possible for companies and workers.

A key concept behind this platform is to make it easy for industry stakeholders (mining companies, exploration companies, and mining contractors) to access specialized training. The main focus of the Concentrateur d’expertise approach is to encourage employers to work together to improve their skills while addressing their mutual needs. CSMO Mines has reason to be proud of this initiative; it’s a first for Québec's mining industry, which—at least during the training period—sets aside competitive considerations to focus instead on developing the skills of its workforce, its number one asset!

This specialized training is funded in part by Fonds de développement (FDRCMO), the workforce skills recognition service, and is provided at low cost to companies. CSMO Mines reimburses the transportation, lodging, and meal costs of workers attending training sessions. Also, CSMO Mines reimburses companies for employee salaries during the training period, up to $10 per hour. This is just one of the many benefits employers enjoy when they agree to develop employee skills in partnership with CSMO Mines.

Concentrateur d'expertise