In keeping with its mission, CSMO Mines must take into account the various issues facing Québec's mining industry. For example, CSMO Mines must help industry companies find ways to integrate new groups of workers into their ranks. With the input of key partners, CSMO Mines has designed a set of tools to assist mining companies in their efforts to incorporate new labour pools into the workforce.

Cultural diversity training: Les Saisons des peuples

Between 30% and 40% of the mining industry’s workforce will retire within the next ten years. Aboriginals and other under-represented groups constitute sources of labour essential to the industry’s future prosperity. This new reality may run up against the well-entrenched habits and attitudes of some people. To smooth the transition, the industry needs worker training programs that promote an engaging and respectful workplace, lay the groundwork for harmoniously integrating new groups into the workforce, and, lastly, create conditions conducive to meeting employer performance and production targets.

CSMO Mines, in collaboration with the continuing education department at Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) has created the Les Saisons des peuples cultural diversity-training program. The « Les Saisons des peuples »program consists of two miner-related training sessions: one five-hour session for workers and another seven-hour session for supervisors. See the information sheet below to learn more about the training content and how to register.

Training sessions are offered at a number of locations in Québec, mainly in the three mining regions, i.e., Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Côte-Nord, and Nord-du-Québec. This allows all industry workers to learn how to better deal with issues related to cultural diversity. To minimize the inconvenience to mining companies, training sessions can also be organized on site so workers and supervisors are able to participate along with their colleagues.

See the Concentrateur d'expertise section for upcoming training dates and locations.

You can also register online by clicking here.

For complete information on the « Les Saisons des peuples » training sessions and how to register, see these reference documents:

For more information contact:

Guy Auger
Training Coordinator
418 653-9254, poste 222
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*These two training programs serve as reference tools for anyone headed to work in a culturally diverse environment. The training topics were selected to portray cultural diversity in the broadest sense. Not only will this tool promote the integration and retention of Aboriginal workers, it may also prove useful for companies looking to recruit workers from new labour pools, such as immigrant workers and women.

Mining Essentials Training Program

The Mining Essentials Training Program developed by the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) and the Assembly of First Nations of Canada is recognized by the Canadian mining industry as a key tool for integrating Aboriginals into the mining workforce. It provides First Nation peoples and Inuit with the basic mining and life skills needed to succeed at work.

The training was first developed for English-speaking Canadians. Subsequently, CSMO Mines translated it into French and adapted it to Québec’s health and safety laws and its regulations governing the mining industry.

Why was this program developed?

This program was created to help companies and communities work together to meet their hiring and employment targets. It provides opportunities for Aboriginal peoples to develop the non-technical skills and confidence needed to pursue rewarding careers. In addition, the program allows companies to hire a locally based, skilled, and self-sufficient workforce while fostering economic development and healthy communities.

Through this 240-hour basic training program, Aboriginal applicants can acquire the essential knowledge needed to hold a job in the mining industry. They will also be given the opportunity to complete a paid internship in a company for a period of at least four months that will help them cultivate behaviours and attitudes required by the industry. At the end of a successful internship, candidates will get a shot at permanent employment and the possibility of attending a recognized academic or vocational training program.

Companies derive numerous benefits from this program, including:

  • Participation in the training and assessment of candidates prior to hiring
  • Pre-selected applicants who meet minimal hiring requirements
  • Access to non-traditional labour pools
  • The creation of a reliable group of workers living near mining projects
  • A tool for sustainable development and the implementation of corporate commitments

Companies and Aboriginal communities interested in using this program to train a cohort of candidates can contact CSMO Mines for logistical and administrative support.

Source :
Mining Industry Human Resources Council